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ECW Extreme Evolution VHS

Some of the wildest action of Extreme Championship Wrestling, an organization that prides itself on being the cutting edge of professional wrestling, is contained in this extravaganza in which men (and even a few women) beat the hell out of each other with chairs, tables, barbed wire, and, you bet, even some wrestling moves. Such ECW luminaries as Rob Van Dam, Mike Awesome, and Tommy Dreamer appear in matches that certainly look far more brutal than the usual wrestling fare found in shows put on by the WWF or WCW. Billed as uncensored, the competitors on this video generally wind up bloody, which isn't too surprising considering how many steel folding chairs go zinging through the air. When Mike Awesome power bombs an opponent through a folding table, the energized crowd packed into the dingy ECW arena gleefully breaks into a resounding chant. The centerpiece of this video is the classic barbed-wire match fought in 1996 between ECW stars Sandman and the Raven. The barbed wire enclosing the ring soon becomes the weapon of choice, and both men are reduced to bleeding messes before several tables get smashed and the loser is the man rendered most senseless. You have been warned, this material isn't for everyone. But those who love ECW will be in chair-shot heaven.


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ECW Extreme Evolution VHS
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